I help Entrepreneurs to achieve real success with their online business.

Professional Services

We can build your custom website and host it with our fast servers, or build your server from the ground up with webhosting software. As us for a price list here.

Business and Marketing

Business and marketing have existed since roman times, hence I have built my businesses on a solid and reliable premise, that at the heart of all business hasn’t really changed at all in over 100’s of years!

With social media, the game has changed a little though, now we can all start an online businessBut how do you do it? That’s where I can help you, and give you the structure and plan to really make a success of your business!

That very change, however, that made it possible for almost anyone to start an online business has also brought with it sharks and opportunists, who will tell you anything, just to steal away your hard earned cash, with strategies that just don’t work, we see it all the time!

There are a few genuine business people out there that do really give you the truth about business and what to do, however, sadly, there are far more that really do nothing more than leverage money from you and give you practically nothing in return!

"A business lifesaver!! Adam you are the most amazing Guy i've ever met! We have gone from strength to strength, clean and beautiful work, This Guy is a genius! Thank you."
Alex V
Blogger & Entrepreneur

Are You Looking For General Help or Guidance?

Here is the basic process, for any general needs you have, from building your business, your Marketing needs, or your web server, we got you covered!



Contact me to have a FREE chat and discuss what you need.


Make A Plan

Agree on what needs to be done and a timescale.


Get It Done

Get the work done and get updates along the way.


Final Report

Get your final report everything you need is there.

"Awesome experience! Adam is an expert every sense of the word, a gentleman, responsable and easy to work with, very professional in everything, I love working with him, Super recomendable..."
G Garci

Hi, I'm Adam Ess, and I'm passionate with everything about business.

Since my career started over 25 years ago I have worked alongside businesses as well as run my own businesses, some things change and others just don’t!

It’s surprising how little many importent aspects of business has changed, now though we can really see online business is more accessible than ever.

I genuinely love working with small businesses, it’s more than just a passion, I focus on real business skills and not all the “snake oil” I see others trying to sell.

If your ready to hear the truth about business, learn some real business skills, or get help with any part of building or growing your business then your in the right place!

I’m a business consultant who works with small businesses that are tired of struggling and getting no real help to succeed or grow their business. In this modern age almost all of us can start our own business, however, success and growth is where we find out who is a real business builder and who got bad advice, doesn’t know where to start, or finds it almost impossible to make any money at all…

Whatever your situation, it’s never to late to start making a difference to your business!

"Adam is simply the best in his field. He is not only extremely knowledgeable but also takes pride in his work and enjoys his work. With Adam, you can never go wrong ...keep him as a your go-to consultant!"
David F
Travel Blogger

After identifying specific needs you have:



Chat or email me I will guide you through the whole process!


Take Action

We work together towards your goals, plan and asses your needs.



Time to put it all into action and start to make a difference!


Final Report

Get a full report on work done, and/or discuss your next steps.

"If you are looking for a Linux Server or VPS professional, look no further. A consummate professional, with brilliant service and delivery time. My experience was smooth, fast, and fulfilled my expectations completely"
"Francisco B"

Problem Solving - Business Marketing

We can really dig into the details of your business, an help you to achieve the best results possible.

This is where the problem solving comes into play, often it takes a second set of eyes and an outside perspective to really help you to laser focus on the problem you face with your business.

We recommend what actions to take and assist you every step of the way, whether its web page performance, conversion optimization, or something else, even marketing or conversions, we can help!

Technical Problem Solving

We take on problem solving at a purely technical level too and we are very happy to help you with numerous technical issues you may encounter.

Many time we hear people getting hacked, or unable to log in to their web site administration, if that is you, then simply get in touch and we will fix the problem!

Are you having technical difficulties? You really just need and want to be able to get on with your work, without getting trapped into technical glitches…

Your in the right place !!

"I would never go anywhere else. He is extremely detailed oriented, gives great advice and has a professional service! He is consistently available, quality work, and always solves my problems..."
"Keith R"
E-Commerce Professional
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